Family Law

Because no family is perfect, and dealing with the
issues can be really stressful.

Facing a divorce can cause emotions to run high and normally rational spouses to become irrational. Court matters involving family law, divorce, and custody are emotionally charged and require the steady guidance of compassionate representation. At the Montana Divorce Law Firm, we counsel and litigate on behalf of individuals and families facing such challenges every day. Our firm truly appreciates the importance of long-term outcomes for you and your children going forward and are here to represent you with great care and years of successful case practice.

Why Hire a Montana Family Law Attorney?

The idea of divorcing or fighting over child custody is never something we think about when taking our vows, but life can change our matrimonial plans unexpectedly. Trying to navigate complicated Montana divorce and custody law is an overwhelming process if you have not received in-depth legal training regarding these matters. At the Montana Divorce Law Firm, our family law attorneys have years of experience and demonstrated success in handling a broad range of legal issues that families face every day.

Our firm also understands the importance of civility in sensitive matters where your family and future are at stake. We not only provide much-needed family law expertise, but we can be the rational voice in the storm to help resolve sensitive disputes surrounding child custody, paternity, and support. Our Montana Divorce Attorney also bring skillful divorce representation and help prevent an ex-spouse from hiding assets or bully you into an inequitable split of marital assets.

Montana Family Law Practice Areas

When choosing the Montana Divorce Law Firm to advise and represent you in a family law action, we provide an additional service experience that may relate to your case, including:

  • Child Custody

  • Mediation

  • Legal Separation

  • Guardianship Actions

  • Divorce

  • Marital Agreements

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Annulments

  • Paternity

  • Domestic Relations Issues

  • Mediation

  • Name Changes

  • Adoption

  • Department of Children and Families (DCF)


With Montana offering no-fault divorce, separating couples can now by-pass lengthy accusatory courtroom trials and move on with their lives sooner. We at the Montana Divorce Law Firm understand the importance of being able to heal after experiencing a troubled marriage and will take the burden of representation off of your shoulders.

Our skilled attorneys can help you reach a fair and just divorce settlement with your ex-spouse that preserves your rights as a parent and does not leave you financially crippled. From the division of marital debts and assets to the protection of your hard-earned retirement from your ex-spouse, we have the case experience you need for your Montana divorce action.

Annulments and Legal Separations

The Montana Divorce Law Firm is your best resource for legal issues related to ending your union on your terms. Our family law attorneys are here to assist you when pursuing solutions other than divorce, like annulment or legal separation. These actions often have pre-requisites to qualify, and our firm can provide you with the guidance you need to choose a resolution that fits your family’s needs.

Montana spouses sometimes choose to pursue legal separation instead of divorce to settle outstanding support issues or to allow them the opportunity to revisit the more permanent option of divorce at a later time. Annulments involving unions that should not have taken place due to mental incapability, being a minor, or other situation that affects consent will benefit from the compassionate representation provided by our team of family law attorneys.

Custody and Paternity Issues

One of the most sensitive and concerning subjects in a divorce action is the welfare of your children. You want the absolute best for them in life and working with a skilled Montana family law attorney to represent their best interests is critical in many situations besides divorce.

Whether you wish to pursue custody in a divorce proceeding or need our services to protect your rights during a DCFS action, we will fight tirelessly to ensure you have access to your children.

Parenting time is another contentious area that the Montana Divorce Law Firm can best represent you. We can help you build a case challenging the other parent’s custody, visitation rights, or support demands. Whether you were previously married to your child’s parent or not has no bearing on your right to be a part of their life.

If you have questions regarding the paternity of your child, or you need to establish paternity to pursue custody rights, our family law team is here to help.

Adoption and Guardianship Cases

The Montana Divorce Law Firm regularly represents adoption cases involving DCFS, step-parents, and other guardianship cases seeking a permanent solution to provide a child the family status they deserve. Our family law attorneys are available to assist you in obtaining your rights as grandparents to see your grandchildren, as well. We believe that children deserve to have a stable family, surrounded by those who love them. No one should be unlawfully prevented from seeing their children, and we will fight to ensure your rights for child custody are not ignored.

Why Choose the Montana Divorce Law Firm?

Putting your family through a family law action like divorce or custody actions can be overwhelming for everyone involved. The seemingly endless amount of court appearances and required paperwork may have you questioning your decision to pursue such matters. The Montana Divorce Law Firm has represented numerous divorce and child custody cases throughout this great state and truly understands how sensitive these matters are for families in crisis. We also know that without representation, the rights and well-being of your family could be at risk.

Our firm is led by Attorney Joseph Frick, a recognized trial attorney and a proud member of The National Trial Lawyers. His years of practicing family law provide you with critical representation and counsel services that protect your interests and those of your family.

The Montana Divorce Law Firm is available to you anytime by contacting us online or calling us at 406-206-3456 and discuss your family law situation. 

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Montana's Professional and Expert Family Lawyer

Our core as as Divorce and Family Law Firm is to provide families in Montana the aid and support that they deserve in the most challenging and difficult chapter of their life.

We believe that even if relationships fall apart, you (and your child) still need to press on, and pursue the life you truly deserve.

Our dedicated divorce and family law attorney – Joseph Frick, can walk you through with the process by:

  • Providing the most comprehensive study of your case so that you can make a sound decision.
  • Creating a strategized plan on how to win your case.
  • Aiding you with a financial solution if you are struggling in settling attorney fees.

We understand that each family law case varies and might get messy, but no matter how complicated your case is, we’re here to help. If you are ready, and have the courage to take the first step, just fill out the form on the right side or contact us at 406-206-3456.

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